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Printer's Files To Go!

Watchmaker will create both a Full Cover Design and Manuscript Layout in print-ready files. Click Here to find out how easy it is.

Proofreading & Line Editing

In-house proofreading and line editing services are available, with fast turnaround. We'll provide sample pages and help make your manuscript the best it can be!


Out of Print Books & Reprints

For titles that are out of print, send us one clean copy and we'll create a print-ready file. And we will work with the author/publisher regarding minor changes in layout of which there are typically no additional charges. Reprinting with Watchmaker is quick—10/12 business days—and inexpensive, with no minimum order required.


PDF File Conversion

Whether for EBooks, POD or traditional run printing, complete conversion services are available in over thirty languages for all types of books, manuals, sales catalogues, cookbooks, manuscripts, newsletters, medical and health related publications in all sizes and colors.

Manuscript Layout Examples/Typesetting


Clean Up Your PDF Scans

We can mask areas of a scan so that defects that would normally display or print will disappear. It's perfect for hiding secure content, or simply cleaning a document for viewing or printing purposes. Click Here for more information.



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