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The lingerie is so cute that I really don't see how anyone could resist it.

The lace material has a sort of flower and leaf pattern going on it, which looks very beautiful. There is also the pink ribbon bows, which provide a hint of Cheap Sexy Lingerie innocence to this very sexy chemise. Then there is the ruffle at the bottom -- which may be my favorite thing about the piece. The ruffle makes it look very, and feel, very playful, and sweet. The ruffle also serves the purpose of making the piece sort of "flare" outward in a very subtle manner. This Sexy Lingerie creates a very sexy silhouette.

One thing that you should know is that the bows are not removable, and I really wouldn't recommend trying to remove them. This sexy lingerie is just not going to be as cute without them. That said, if you really wanted to remove them, you could do so with a seam ripper.

One major design flaw with this piece is the simple lack of plus size Lingerie support in the bust. The underwire does nothing for my breasts, and probably won't do much for anyone above a B cup. If I could change anything about this piece, it would be more bust Wholesale Sexy Lingerie support. The adjustable shoulder straps do provide some support, but it's just not going to be enough for bustier girls. Other than that, I adore how the Sexy Lingerie design of this piece makes it fit my body. It hugs my curves in all the right ways, making me feel amazing.

The g-string's design is very simple. You simply have a triangle of the lace, a cotton pantyliner, and a elastic straps -- and that is your g-string. Simple as it is, it works great Wholesale Lingerie . It's comfortable to wear, and it looks cute.

For those who want to know about the style of the pantyliner -- the pantyliner is not sewn shut, so there is room to slide a bullet in, if you choose to.