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Featured Author: Jay Hearst
LEAD the Charge to Business Success

Who is Jay Hearst and why should you spend your hard-earned money to buy this book he wrote? Because he's been there, he's done that, and he can share his experiences, both the good ones and the bad ones, with you. And he'll leaven these stories with a sense of humor that will keep you reading and, he hopes, smiling.

Jay bought into his first business at age 32, acquired the rest of it over three years, for a total of $75,000, ran it for 14 years, and sold it to two of his managers for $500,000. After taking a couple of years off from
real business to guide horse trips in Colorado, he started another business "on his kitchen table." This venture was initially capitalized at $3,000. He and his partners sold it 19 years later, for $60 million. That's American Dollars, a big pile of them. In the process of starting and running these businesses, he did some things right and many things wrong. In this book he gives you the benefit of his years of acquired knowledge. Hopefully, you can learn from his adventures, adopt some of the good things and avoid having to learn everything the hard way.

Can you start a business and grow it to $60,000,000 or more? You'll never know until you try. More importantly, should you try, or should you keep your day job with its predictable schedule and steady paycheck? How can you avoid the major pitfalls if you do start a business? This book may help you answer these questions for yourself.


Career History:

PROfessional PAYment Services, 1999-present, Credit card processing sales and service, President

Professional Sales & Marketing, Inc., 1995-present, Consulting, publishing, and various other activities, President

Bancard, Inc., 1980-1998, Boulder, Colorado, Credit card processing sales and service, President

High Country Trails, 1977 – 1980, Boulder, Colorado, Horse trips, President and Trail Guide

The Tetra Company, 1963-1977, Chicago, Illinois, Hospital supplies, Vice President, President

Various - 1956 – 1963

Additional Current Business Activities:

Real estate projects, 1990-present, Boulder and Gatlinburg and Sevierville, Tennessee, Founder and officer

Author of "LEAD the Charge to Business Success," a book for those considering or in the early stage of running a small business

Founder, past officer, and board member, Bancard Services Association (now Electronic Transactions Association), national trade organization

The Sonny Foundation, A charitable foundation concentrating in animal welfare causes, President

Born: Chicago, 1931

Education: Harvard College, Class of 1953, Bachelor of Arts degree

Military Service: U.S. Air Force, 1954-1956. Aircraft controller, 2nd Lt., 1st Lt.

Married, three grown children, three grandchildren, three dogs, three horses

Hobbies: Horses, Military History, Computer Flying, Writing

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