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Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Bookmarks, Booklets & More
Brochures can be full color both sides, with folds from standard to booklet to double gate, and 72-hour turnaround available.
  Manuscript Conversion

Watchmaker Publishing offers complete printing services, which are affordable with fast turnaround. Converting your manuscript into a printer-ready file, we can also create a full cover design, (front, back and spine) allowing for an author’s photo, synopsis, reviews and barcode; creating a printer-ready file within five business days.

"The books have arrived, and everyone’s so pleased. Thank you again for all your help."
Dr. Lorraine Mund
'Ring Them Bells'

 Watchmaker Printing

We Accept Hardcopy Manuscripts For Printing:
Your Layout, Your Design.

With your manuscript and full cover in PDF files, you can receive bids from any printer, like any publisher. You're no longer at the mercy of self-publishing companies and their exorbitant fees. Whether for digital or offset printing, complete conversion services are available in over thirty languages for all types of books, manuals, catalogues, cookbooks, manuscripts, newsletters, medical and health related publications in all sizes and colors.

Interior color page creation is easy. Photos, illustrations or graphics can be reproduced beautifully, and for much less than you think.

Manuscript Layout Examples

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